Monday, July 7, 2014

Summertime Knitting (wait, who has time for knitting in summer?)

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Hi all - so sorry it's been such a long time in between posts again, but summer has been CRAZY around here!

Turkey burgers and hot dogs - yum!
Hope all of my US readers had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. We partied hard, with a cookout and some small fireworks at home on the 4th. I grilled (it was very entertaining!), and we had a family get-together on Saturday.

Sunday we crashed - and I actually got some knitting time in!

I think I've said this before, but I'm not exactly a monogamous knitter - at this moment I have 10 WIPs (work in progress) on my Ravelry project page. In my defense, one of those is a pair of socks that are completely done except the grafting on one toe, and there are three projects "hibernating" until the weather gets cooler again.

my Medano Beach bag
The projects that I'm actively working on are my Bigger on the Inside, Sparkly on the Outside Doctor Who-themed shawl, 2(ish) pairs of socks, and something I just cast on yesterday - a cotton bag for my mom using the Heidi Kirrmaier pattern Medano Beach. I started one of these for myself last year at this time, and it turned out really cute, so she had asked if I'd make one for her. This time I'm using some lovely oranges in Cascade Ultra Pima, so it should be bright and summery!

Bigger on the Inside is a simple lace pattern with an edging of TARDIS(es), which I'll be wearing to the Chicago TARDIS Doctor Who convention later this year. Which brings me back to my point. (There is one, I swear!)

Knitting by the campfire is one
of my goals for the summer!
Many of us vacation during the summer months, too - we're heading up to northern Wisconsin in August, and I'm already thinking about the projects and yarn I want to take. Car knitting, campfire knitting, stuck inside on a rainy day knitting...there are so many possibilities!

Lace and projects using cotton/other plant fiber yarns (linen, hemp, etc.) tend to be pretty popular things to knit in the warmer months, and easily portable things like socks are a good project any time of the year. So what sorts of things do you knit/crochet in the summer or on road trips? What's your favorite warm weather fiber? Any go-to projects that you've made more than once? As always, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

Happy summer knitting! ☺

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