Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bring Me Knitting!
(or why knitters love Doctor Who)

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Prequel 'The Night of the Doctor'
 featuring Eighth Doctor Paul McGann

yes, that scarf
(image ©BBC)
If you do a pattern search on Ravelry for "Doctor Who," you'll get 347 results, which is about 8 pages. Okay, no big deal. Of course there's the infamous Fourth Doctor Tom Baker's scarf in about 36 incarnations, but you'll also see Doctors and Daleks and (seriously how has no one come up with a plural for TARDIS? But I digress), a star whale, sonic screwdrivers, and the cutest little crocheted
 you ever did see. There's a celery stalk, an Adipose baby, and even a fez or two.

But do that same search for projects... and oh sweet Rasillon! 12,068 knitting, crochet, and weaving projects at the time this post was published.

Conclusion?  Knitters ♥ ♥ Doctor Who! 
(see what I did there)

I admit to knitting my fair share of Doctor Who projects (check out the bottom of the page), and I've only been watching Doctor Who for less than 2 years. I still have several in my Ravelry queue, as well. Rose Tyler's fingerless mitts on Bad Wolf Bay, anyone? Found the perfect yarn for those. TARDIS socks (actually, TARDIS everythings), toys, dishcloths, hats...if you can think of it, there's probably a Doctor Who version of it.

Even non-knitters love Who-knitwear! Fun story: the TARDIS fingerless mitts I wore to the Chicago TARDIS fan convention last year were admired by many, including Daphne Ashbrook! (To my non-Whovian readers, Daphne played the Eight Doctor's companion Grace in the 1996 television movie.) Who, by the way, asked me if I'd make her a pair. Which I will be doing before the weather gets cold again. Because, who wouldn't knit a gift for Daphne? She is a lovely person.

So the question is... why do Doctor Who fans love to knit? Or rather, why do knitters so love the Doctor? Do you have any theories? Doctor Who-related knitting stories? I'd love to hear them in the comments!

Matt Smith in 'The Wedding of River Song' ©BBC
(original image edit)

Oh, and one more thing - today is the fourth anniversary of Matt Smith's first full episode as the Eleventh Doctor, so Happy Anniversary, Whovians!


Mittens for my mini-Whovian
Fingerless Mitts in TARDIS
and 2 different Dalek versions


  1. Omg I love those gloves, wish I could buy some of those.. I never perfected knitting

    1. You should try again! Knitting isn't hard, and I always tell people that even if you make a mistake, it's just sticks and string! Find a project you love and go for it - you could have a pair of those TARDIS mitts for yourself! :)

  2. First of all I love Doctor Who. I grew up on Tom Baker and just recently discovered the "new" Doctors. I can do basic crochet but that's about it. I do love to do needlepoint and embroidery. I am hoping to start some Whovian pieces once I finish some other projects.
    I think the reason The Doctor and needlework goes together is you can do both at the same time. I have finished several projects while getting caught up on The Doctor & Torchwood.

    1. I agree! Doctor Who (and Torchwood - love that too!) are great for knitting/crochet/needlework. I've knitted my way through plenty of marathon sessions with The Doctor.

  3. So, I'm a knitter (on Ravelry) and I read through this smiling and thinking yep. I fit into that description quite nicely.

    I've knitted a 4th Doctor scarf (all 5m of it), two Daleks, 2 Kaled mutants, a plush TARDIS (the plural of which is TARDISes as TARDIS is an acronym and the plural of Space is Spaces - sorry to be so geeky) and Doctor Who themed Fairisle coasters including a Weeping Angel, TARDIS (again), a Cyberman & a Dalek.

    Not sure why knitters and crocheters love Doctor Who quite so much but we do. The show inspires us to come up with so many quirky but related projects to make for ourselves or more often as gifts to fell Whovians.

    Lovely article that makes me want to find something else Doctor Who themed to make. :-)

  4. We are a little group of whovian friends and for my last two birthdays I first got a knitted Dalek and then for the second birthday, I got the 4th Doctor’s scarf. The scarf is my favourite scarf and I haven't really been wearing any other scarf since then :)